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The normal can be beautiful, but it’s fun to take that out of its context and put it in a place where it’s considered it shouldn’t be. The normal is safe and something we know, but when you look at it from a different angle it can be quite frightening or unfamiliar.It’s interesting to pervert it and twist it to see where you end up

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Saw this awesome photo of Jonna Lee and I couldn’t help myself from doing a quick before work sketch!

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We have been summoned to meet Lee in a surprisingly sweltering Stockholm, with the clear instruction to join her on a precise park bench overlooking a water feature that depicts Norse god Thor slaying the fanged sea serpent Jörmungandr, which seems loaded with significance.


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'bounty' es el segundo capítulo del monográfico de @_iamamiwhoami_


he decidido que los tres capítulos restantes que quedan sobre este monográfico de iamamiwhoami los escribiré en minúsculas. hay una explicación, y es que una de las señas de identidad de este proyecto viral nacido en 2010 es que lo escriben todo en minúsculas, sin mayúsculas iniciales, vamos.

como vimos en el capítulo anterior, iamamiwhoami nació como una serie de vídeos cortos y crípticos en un…

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iamamiwhoami for Dazed & Confused A/W 2014

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so I thought most of you were joking with how expensive that coat was but it seems you’re not so I’m clearing things up based on personally experience

Everything Jonna and any artist featured in that Dazed issue is provided by their respective stylist. In iamamiwhoami’s case, Emma Wyman gave her the coat and pants, and the clothing most likely remained in her headquarters.

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Remember this?

this is from kill, the last video of the kin story (I’m not counting goods as it seems like an off-side message)

There are a lot of theories regarding kin. My favorite one is that it is about a lost baby. I’m not going to discuss that, but I really do believe that kin is about someone with a long battle against depression.

I think Jonna Lee made kin as a mean to let go of the past, of the reasons which caused the depression, of her dark side.

Jonna Lee quietly whispers “cmon, just kill this” inside a closet, secluded from everyone. She isnt well; its quite obvious that she is going through some shit.


A black iamamiwhoami appears drowing. Jonna Lee has stated that the ocean represents the Internet. This is, after all, a project that was thrown into the sea. I think that the black Jonna Lee in the water represents the depression (aka kin) being released into the Internet, and also being released from her. It is now public domain, she has to let go of her dark past. By making this public, she has to confront it and be stronger than it.

In the end we see a white Jonna, facing forward,


and a black Jonna, facing backwards.


My thoughts on this are: despite releasing her dark past, it will always be part of her, so that dark side will always be there, however it is now in the past, that is why the black only shows on her  facing backwards; however, facing forward, the future, something bright and white and happy… and that is blue. 

In the video of fountain, the first of the blue series, we are again back at the waters, making a continuous transition between kin and blue. Only this time, it is happy. It is new and refurbished.

What you think?

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